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Time to Take a new Look at Window Awnings in Castle Hill

2 Juillet 2015

No one needs to tell Castle Hill homeowners about the powerful impact the sun has on their homes and daily lives. From providing warmth and winter and nearly oppressive heat on some sunny summer days to offering hours upon hours of entertainment for days on the beach, the sun is an important part of life in Castle Hill.

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But it’s very possible to have too much of a good thing. Which is why window awnings Castle Hill are such a big deal for homeowners.

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Cooling Shade for Windows While this might not seem like a big deal, it goes a long way toward preventing radiant heat from becoming a problem inside the home. Because window awnings extending beyond the window casings, they shield direct sunlight from coming into the windows. Direct sunlight is the culprit behind radiant heating and preventing that from occurring can reduce up to 90 percent of the sun’s worst heat from raising the temperature inside the home. Not only does radiant heat cause a great deal of discomfort, but it also drives up the costs of cooling homes during the worst heat of summer.

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Protection of Items Inside the Home from the Sun Most people are surprised to learn that just as the sun can cause damage to human skin, it can also cause damage to fabric, carpet, paint, furniture, wood, and more inside the home. Sometimes items, such as family photographs and heirlooms are damaged by direct exposure to sunlight filtered in through the windows. Awnings do more than filter sunlight. They block it so that it doesn’t impact the precious possessions inside the home. The more windows protected by window awnings, the fewer the number of possessions that are at risk from the sun’s damaging rays.

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Controls Brightness Inside the Home While many Castle Hill homeowners prefer homes that are light, bright, and airy, the fact remains that too much light, at certain times of day, can be blinding. Awnings allow the benefit of the light from the sun, without the harsh glare of its direct impact. This makes a visual difference inside the home as there is plenty of sunshine to go around without everyone in the house feeling overpowered by the sun at all hours of the day. The more homeowners learn about the benefit of window awnings in Castle Hill, the better able they are to make informed decisions about whether or not they’re a wise purchasing decision for their needs.

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